Spa Day


So Yesterday we went to the lovely Woodland Spa @ Crow Wood… If you’ve never heard of the give them a look! I’d recommend for hen party’s, relaxing afternoon & well anytime. Get your Relax on!

Myself & friends were there to celebrate Sarah’s birthday.
We arrived at 11:45, myself & Cat met the other ladies in the lounge.


Don’t laugh, me & my costume are ready!

Hydrotherapy Pool


  • Serenity Pool
  • Outdoor Infinity Pool
  • Sauna
  • Saunarium
  • Steam
  • Salt Steam
  • Roman Foot Baths

  • Ice Fountain
  • Experience Showers



We got changed and headed for the relaxation rooms.
It’s safe to say we spent the most time sipping cocktails! I had a something lollipop is was like a raspberry slush/milkshake!
We did enjoy a little food outside, chips & some skewers…delish!
We enjoyed all the rooms, I possible enjoyed the serenity room a little too much and was caught napping with my thumb in mouth!
Once we were done we all got ready for dinner @ their resturant Bertram’s 
We all had a lovely day. Can’t wait for the next one.


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