Eatery Review : Bertrums

So I am a massive foodie…obviously. So I thought I would start reviewing the Eaterys I travel to. 

The Woodland Spa
Within Crow Wood Leisure
Royle Lane
BB12 0RT

Thursday night dinner for Hayley’s Birthday. The atmosphere is lovely, the decor is right up my street, booths, low leather sofas twig coffee tables & moody lighting. 

I enjoyed; 
Triple Skewers 
Which were good. The chicken was the best of the three, the others were bordering on dry, but still tasty. They were served with bulger wheat and a lush garlic sauce. 
Duck & Chips
Myself and Georgina enjoyed breast of duck, which could of been a little pinker but was still tasty. Served on a bed of cabbage and bacon that was creamy and yummy, with big thick chips. 

The other girls had; 
Steak, it was divine, cooked to Beth’s preference. 
The burgers Hayley & Laura had were nice, and the peppercorn sauce comes in a little cute jug.

Slow…it took a while to get someone to take our order & getting the bill.  But the server was lovely and very hospitable to our needs. And they did come together to sing to Hayley.

Value for £
Most of the party had the ‘Thursday Supper Club’ £19.95 for 2 courses & 1/2 a bottle of wine but we changed our beverages to soft drinks and I had a Corona. 

The Domesticated Rating

7.5 Stars
Lovely place but it’s not a fave. But I would recommend to a friend.

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