Freebie Photoshoot

Everyone loves a freebie…

Just after Valentines Day I was lucky enough to win on Facebook a Couples Photoshoot. To be honest at first I was hesitant because I am not into Romance nor do I enjoy having my photo taken(unless it’s a selfie and I have total control of the filter) but after thinking about it. Me and James don’t have any nice photos of us. So they look great in our home. Plus it’s another tick off the bucket list – Have a silly photoshoot. And it was a bit silly because we made sure to have fun while doing it.

Paul Swift was the photographer
Here are the results. 

I was lucky enough to have my friend Hannah on hand to do my face….she’s still an amateur but I think you can agree you cant tell! 

Paul was excellent, he must of realised I wasn’t comfortable at first and made use of our puppy dog Diesel(not really a puppy any more) which made me relax. And become a better model(hehe) for it. I would recommend this to couple who are either getting married as they can not only be a great way to get to grips with having your photos take before the big day but could be used in your Save the Dates or even the invites themselves.

Would I do it again…hell yeah!


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