King & Queen Date

Me and Jimbob have always said we will make time for each other and our relationship!

And I have to say we have kept to our word…almost 6 years later we are still loved up. 
I’d like to share a few dates I have really enjoyed. 

Trinity Kitchen – 28/03/15

Leeds’ answer to Street Food! This was the most spur of the moment date. So much so I was showered dressed and on a train within an hour. 
We knew we didn’t want fancy, even though we both wore our best coats! 
We decided we would mix it up. 
Starter- Pho – Vietnamese Spring Roll & Meatballs. Honestly these were awesome; I could have had so many meatballs.
Main-Chicago Ribs & The Trinity Pizzeria.
We got some baby back ribs, slaw, fries and ice tea. And a Chorizo pizza which had goats cheese and grapes. Both were delious. There was plenty for two. Especially when one was watching every bite she took
Dessert – (Sorry unable to remember the name) – Ice cream. I surprised James with a chocolate & sea salt brownie sandwich. And I got a scoop of orange pavlova. Delicious!! James said it was the best ice cream he’s had. Sorry Ben & Jerry!
We washed it all down with a couple of beers. But for those wanting to be a bit fancier, there are plenty of cocktails on offer. Worth a try for a relaxed date night!

Champagne Bar – The Resturant Bar & Grill Leeds – 03/05/15

As part of a big day of spending time together, I wanted to share a specific part, a modern 1920s vibe, with you. And mainly to say not all dates need to be long. 
This was one of our stops during the day. We arrived around 5 and after leaving our coats, which is a lovely touch as we both had heavy outdoor ones and holding them isn’t that fun, we headed to the bar. The whole place is lovely, hard wood floor lots of glass. It’s a nice touch that when you enter it’s a floor to celing wall of wine.

We both ordered cocktails, I had a Singapore Sling it was ok very different to how I’ve had it before, but it was still enjoyable to drink. James had something orange/pineapple, it was a random pick for him. But he thought it was alright. One thing we both thought was strange was that they came with olives…never had one in anything other than a martini. Obviously not upmarket enough. We also ordered an Asian Plater at the bar, which was really scrummy. Not sure it was worth the £20 price tag but it was delish. 

I’d give this a go if you’re in the city and looking for away to kill a few hours in lovely surroundings and each other’s company.

Yo! Sushi – 22/06/15

Monday Night, I needed to return something back to Selfridges which was a great excuse to pick up some dinner while we were there. Me and James love Yo! Sushi; it’s such a different way to dine. You can literally make it as cheap as you want. 1 plate and a water, £3.20. Yes, you won’t be full but you can have unlimited water! Me and James generally get chicken noodles, a crispy chicken dish and loads of cold sushi. It’s good fun. It was great to go on a random work night. I love mixing up date night, rather than keeping it to Saturday. After we’d eaten and paid we headed to Costa. I adore lemon ice tea & it would appear James has discovered ice coffee and has a new favouite thing. So we got some drinks to go and headed back on a slow window shop back to the car. Consider a random week day for your next date night.

I hope I have inspired you to go out with your significant other. 


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