Eatery Review : The Bull @ Broughton

This place is a little cutie of a pub/old mill. And even tho I have been several times for lunch, I have never enjoyed dinner, so last night was a first. The Bull at Broughton

Firstly when we arrived, I was pretty surprised how busy it was…good food attracts. Me and Lisa enjoyed a bottle of pink fizz, which was lush. And it was cheaper than their standard processo …winner!  James enjoyed a paddle of beer which to be honest I have never seen better. Take a look, half size tumblers in a paddle. Different is probably the world. Great for those who don’t know what they fancy.Once we had received a lovely WEDDING INVITATION for next year we were seated in one of the many rooms in the building. We were left to natter and enjoy our fizz before we ordered. I always feel there is a fine line between waiting too long to take the order and just being pushed into deciding. Me and Lisa went for no starters, with the idea we’d just try the boys. Works like a treat, they had ham hock on a toasted muffin with an egg, which I thought looked like ice cream. Delish.For my main, I just couldn’t decide what to have so…Nidderdale Chicken Liver PâtéFireside Chutney, Toast, Mini Bangers Cumberland, Black Pudding, Spicy Pork, Mustard Mayonnaise Skinny FriesEverything was delish, the fries were just like mcdonalds which is awesome for me. The mustard mayo, wow never had that before!! And the chicken liver pate was nice, wasn’t sure whether to eat the bacon wrapped around as it looked uncooked and chutney could of done with being a wee bit finer. It was mainly 2 big lumps, not the best to spread.James enjoyedBeef Skirt & Hetton Pale Ale PieButter Puff Pastry, Marrowfat Peas, New Potatoes or Real Chips in Dripping Matthew enjoyedPaul’s Big Mixed GrillTop Rib, Pork & Leek Sausage, Lamb Chop, Doreen’s Black Pudding, Waterford Farm Gammon Poached Free Range Egg Lisa enjoyed Waterford Farm Pork BellyAmpleforth Abbey Cider, Duck Fat Potatoes, Honey Roast Carrots, Crackling, Apple Fritter, Sticky Cider Sauce It is safe to say we enjoyed our double date and the food.Domestic Rating4.5 I have marked it down a touch due to the chutney, and price of the fries £3 seemed a bit much for McDonalds large fries.

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