Eatery Review – Fazenda – Manchester

Hey, I don’t often review chain resturant but Fazenda is a small chain (Leeds, Liverpool and most recently Manchester)

Fazenda Manchester
The Avenue
M3 3AP

I can confirm it’s just as popular as Leeds as I booked last minute and managed to get a table at 10:15!! 

I adore the moody resturant vibe, dark and with a slightly rustic look, well not really rustic but I adore the rings of candles(I imagine they were fake candles, not real ones, but they were cute) it’s definetly a glam restaurant. It’s bigger than leeds, and in all honestly I hated the music. It’s annoying and too loud; if you just stuffed yourself with meat and are feeling like you’re going to pop, the music makes you feel just sick. 

(I think he’s full)

The resturant serves meat on spits at the table, from Chicken Hearts(vainy little suckers) to Fillet Steak. Now I will be honest I thought everything on the beef side was a little bland, you could tell it had been marinated but it was bland. But the service was exceptional. As we both didn’t enjoy the meat as much as leeds we had a large amount of scraps on our plate, so we were offered clean plates, sweet touch. The meat servers asked at the end if there was anything else we’d like more of, we asked for Fillet Steak &  black pudding. And because they both weren’t ready at the time of our request the server came back with a time scale on both elements, 8 minutes, to check we were happy. 
On the drinks side, we arrived early and our table wasn’t ready so we sat at the bar, and they made me an off the menu cocktail just for me. It was delish!! But strong!!! 

Would I return, probably, I wouldn’t say never but I do prefer leeds. I thought the meat was a little bland and I feel that because Manchester is bigger, you lose the intimate feel. Feels more mass buffet style. But the salad station is bigger at Manchester and it was lovely to have more options. Also they serve little metal baskets of chips at Leeds rather than silver service. But you couldn’t knock the staff. 

3.5 out of 5