Eatery Review: Coast to Coast

Hey Guys, sorry I have been MIA recently but I have been super busy at work I just cant manage to get time to write you little lovelies.

Just want to share an AMAZING meal myself and Jimbob had a couple of weeks ago. Its located in the Trafford Centre, I cant say I for certain but I don’t believe its a chain. But the food is just fabulous.

We arrived early lunch time, good job too….queuing was in action when we left.  We sat in this cute booth and it was just a lovely location, you could see the bar, and the tellies.(Not that I really watched anything) The restaurant is very New York, Old Hollywood esque. Certainly up my street.

When we arrived; straight to the cocktail menu, I always think if they have amaze balls cocktails then I am a lover from the start!!! And yes I can 100% say I am sold on the beverages side. I enjoyed 2 Cherry Cola Cocktails, and well if I wasn’t paying i could have enjoyed many more. Jimbob had comment on that a coffee is a coffee in my book #teababy .

To start we enjoyed pretzels, devilishly saltly and came with a fab garlic butter dip(ignoring the diet) We then followed with Chicago Chicken Wings (I meant to ask if they had been flown in) I really loved the fact there was the option on flavour, we went with dry BBQ Rub, and it was exceptional, probably the best wings i have had in a while.

For mains, I enjoyed a Cajun Chicken Melt with sweet potato fries. Now the wrap was delish I would of like a little bit more chicken and less lettuce even though i am a lettuce lover, I found myself just chowing down on wrap and lettuce, the sweet potato fries were OK, really I ordered incorrectly I wanted fries but thinking they might surprise me …they didn’t. James enjoyed the sliders, three mini burgers of cuteness which came with fries. He enjoyed all three but felt more sauce was required to really make them irresistible. We both loved the homemade slaw…..often over mayo’ed this was Delishhhh.

Worth a trip back? Hell yes, I will be going at the beginning of happy hour 4pm (Weekdays) and stumbling out around 8pm once I have enjoyed 90% of the cocktail menu. I also really want to try the nachos as we witness them pass by our table and they were huge…plenty of guacamole

Would you tell a friend? Yes again, I cant wait to have a feast with my girls

Rates 4.7