Eatery Review : Bulgogi Grill

Hi All,

Just got home from a little night away with Jimbob. And I wanted to review a small resturant in Leeds called 

We arrived a little earlier than our reservation, 20 minutes, the entrance is small so you’re in the way where ever you stand. The resturant was however ready for us, a young gentleman took us upstairs to our table, well he pointed and walked away. No offer of a menu or drinks. The resturant was small I would say no more than 10 tables down stairs and around 5 tables upstairs, one being ours (table just for 2) and a lot of larger tables with big parties occupying the booths. The noise was loud to say the least, to put it blunt, me and James barely spoke it was that loud. 
The drinks menu is pretty large but it only seemed fitting to get beer, it took forever to come and I’m a quick drinker but there wasn’t a chance I was waiting for another. We both kind of felt forgotten about because we weren’t a big party.

Moving swiftly onto the food, it’s a set meal, priced at £22 something per person which is a starter and main. You may add sea bass if you want but we aren’t huge fans. 

The starter, which Jimbob decided was more of an amuse bouche, was a piece of sushi and a dumpling things.
It certainly wasn’t starter size, I took this as a sort of warning the main was going to be huge. Within minutes it was gone, and within less time the plates we too. 
In quick succession the main course came. And to be fair it was an impressive spread of side dishes which you get as much as you can eat, the main is served with lettuce (super fresh)and rice. And you can have as much as you need to wrap your meat up. 

The dishes were delish and surprisingly very filling, since I don’t eat rice. 

The Korean BBQ experience was fun for a start, I have to be fair it was unique to cook your own food but in all honestly it did sort of lose its charm nearing the end.

The meat was ok but they all sort of tasted the same. But the beef was delish, but beef always is.

I think to round off the night we were there for probably less than an hour and we waited longer for the drinks than anything else.

Would I return, I won’t be rushing back but maybe if I was in a large group there could be a chance.

Rating 2 stars out of 5

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