Eatery Review : Harvey Nichols

Hi All, 

Yesterday feels like a lifetime ago! I adore eating breakfast out, so Myself and Jimbob went to Harvey Nichols in Leeds to sample the dishes.
We arrived around 10:40 and apart from only one other table, it was empty, perfect. Lovely and peaceful. They sat us near the glass doors to the terrace. It’s rather pleasant to look over the roof tops of the city. The service was smart and sharp BUT we were next to a till and it seemed like the congregating area for several staff, slighly off putting. I couldn’t fault our waiter but the host wasn’t brilliant, three quarters through breakfast she sat two lovely ladies on the table next to us. Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with this, but the layout of the resturant meant our tables were super close together and the resturant was empty. I didn’t think it was the best placement.
I ordered a full English and the sausage and egg was top, really really nice. The bread which I normally leave was delicious with the mushroom on top. I really enjoyed everything but the bacon, at £12 it’s not cheap but you would expect the oil to have been drained off the bacon. It was rather off putting, so I gave it Jimbob to eat.
Jimbob enjoyed eggs blackstone, which is essentially eggs Benedict with a tomato. His comments were only “I’m still well hungry.”
The best thing of the whole experience was this winter warmer, which i found in the drinks menu. It was super scrummy, it screamed Christmas, but it was one of those beverages that hugs you as it goes down. Try it before the summer menu comes out.(& no it wasn’t alcoholic)

Overall would we return? Yes, I’d love to try a few dishes from this place, I took note of an omlette that was being served and it look pretty pleasant on the eye. I wouldn’t say it was great value for money, but the aesthetics were lovely, turquoise blue and gold. Hats of to the interior designer.

Eatery Rating 
3 out of 5

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