Eatery Review : Tapas Tree

Hi All,

I wanted to tell you about a great little restaurant. 

Tapas Tree

It doesn’t look much from the outside but  once you’re inside the atmosphere and brightly painted walls let you know you’re in the right place. 

The decor isn’t like amazing but the food speaks volumes. 

We arrived around 9pm and it was still very busy with people. I obviously had sangria(When in Rome)! 

The menu is split into Starters, Salads & Tapas. And you have the option for it to come in that order or all together. The ordering process is great, there’s a little score sheet which makes it easier for ordering lots of little dishes. We chose for it all to come together and we ordered far too much!! 13 dishes!! 

My favourite would have to be the jalepeno cheese bites, Jimbob would probably say the best was the deep fried Brie with the beautiful sweet red current jelly. But everything was great, the chicken with a creamy sauce and asparagus was delish. The meat patters were awesome. I was really pleased about the portion size, having been to a few tapas places you get a lot more here, hence why we over ordered. 

I know you guys are looking for a not so amazing dish and that would probably have to be patatas bravas, it sort of looked like the frozen square potatoes you get from the supermarket with tomato purée ontop…being honest we left those. 

The service was above average, I think that’s fair, I wasn’t like blown away, but they were fairly quick with food to say it was so busy and very lovely people. 

Would I return? hell to the yes! But what could they do better?  The decor could do with a wee upgrade but is it like necessary -no- the food is still delicious.  


Tackling RSVPs

Now this is something you will 99.8% get frustrated with..why, well for a number of reasons

* People forget 
* People honestly think I’ll get to it and before too long they think they have already done it 
* People can’t be bothered

But don’t let it get to you, the above reasons shouldn’t upset you, your guests have lives too and as much as they probably are looking forward to the wedding it’s not here yet so they aren’t thinking about it. Plus people generally just forget.

Farming this job out
No don’t grow any crops. What you need to do is utilise your bridesmaids (I probably wouldn’t suggest this to a grooms men unless you are total sure they won’t forget 20 minutes after being told) . I would suggest trying to give your bridesmaids contacts details of guests they have met. Even if it was at your next door neighbours party to celebrate her new bathroom 6 years ago. 

Don’t over face your bridesmaid give them 2 weeks and max 14 people it’s either 14 drive bys or phone calls. Or make a day of it, provide lunch and a list they call and you simply await responses. This is one of those jobs that a bride shouldn’t have to do.

Enjoy the run up to your wedding