Eatery Review : Turners

Hi All,

Me and James enjoyed a wee dinner at Tuners – Barrowford. It was delish, the best place I’ve eaten in forever!!
The menu is full of lots of delish items, from fish platters to pizza. 
It was afternoon and their pink procecco is scrummy, bubbly, sweet and refreshing. 
They have pleasant selection of soft drinks. The eatery is chic and full of warmth. The staff are really young and helpful. 
The we shared two starters and I am so glad we did. My favourite is a dipping type deal. Tatziki, hummus and a red pepper dip with this fresh juicey flat bread.
James picked a chorizo scotch egg. And it was incredible and I don’t like runny yokes. It came with a sort of red pepper mayo. Look at this gems.
I wasn’t sure what I was craving for main, so we shared…sharings caring. We enjoy mushrooms with cheese and chicken skin. Different combination but it was delish.
James chose the Turner Bad Boy, and it was awesome, they make everything unhorse, everything and the freshness is obvious. We enjoyed fries and their homemade garlic mayo. Like I said everything delish!!!
The service is great really friendly. I only marked it down slightly because we got the wrong pizza, but to their credit they did realise and were very apologetic. 
Get yourself there.

Eatery Review – 4.9 out of 5