Ibiza My Way

So just back from the White Isles, here’s my diary!!

Sunday 21st August
We woke up early for the exiting day ahead, I was pretty pleased with my 4 hour sleep. Alarm set for 2am and out the house at 3:25am. 

We arrived early got seats mostly together and enjoyed breakfast at Grains Loft Bar. I sort of enjoyed the Traditional Breakfast, truth is it was rather cold but I washed it down with Prosecco so it’s not all bad. 
The plane was basic, never flown Jet2 before and it was more back to basic which was perfect for what we needed. Plus they had an awesome deal on Bottega, 2 mini bottles for £11, which meant I had my first alcoholic beverage on a plane. Sweet!! 

We used Hoppa for our transfer which was a shared transfer with 4 other stops-totally about 40 minutes. 
The hotel is located just west of the Bay and perfect!! A two bedroom apartment which was more than big enough for us all.
The hotel is only a 1star buts it’s worth so much more. Basic but super clean, well equipped kitchen and facilities are great. The pool and hotel are very quiet and there are more Spanish than anything. The bar and Resturant menu are good, all homemade and excellent value for money.
About 12 naps between us all. And a nip to the supermarket for supplies. We enjoyed the pool and Ibiza Sun. 

The girls genuinely surprised me while I was in the shower, with decorations, veil, garter, games, straws, sashes and of course an inflatable penis and flamingo(Penelope). I am like never surprised but I was!!! Truly touched.

We travelled to the West End by Sea Taxi and enjoyed dinner in the square….everyone ordered better than me. They had pizza and pasta. I had a wrap! 
Finishing the epically long day with a shed load of beverages.

Monday 22nd August 
Early start to enjoy the most of the sun. 
We travelled to the Old Town in the evening by bus-€2 each way! The vibe of the old time is totally different from San Antonio and so beautiful. It’s so chilled and chic.

Tuesday 23rd August
The previous day I had been told we would be going to the beach but I had to dress up. I was fooled into thinking this was normal. 
We started a short walk, passed 2 beaches but I was told we were going to a beautiful cove. It turn out that the beautiful girls had surprised me with a glossy white bed at Ocean Beach. The day was brilliant, it’s a definite for any Ibiza goer. Everyone is beautiful and covered in glitter. While drinking and enjoying the music. We enjoyed Kisstory which couldn’t of been more me!! The place isn’t cheap, I.E a jug of mixer is €30 but it was amazing!!

After we left we thought we can probably catch the sunset, so a 15 minute run….we missed it by roughly a minute! 

Quick bite at KFC and a taxi home.

Wednesday 24th August
I was desperate to roll around in the sand. So we headed to the beach near our hotel. In all honesty the water felt lovely, but I wasn’t keen on being bothered every 5 minutes to buy sunglasses. 
So back to the pool for the last of our holiday sun.

Early change and we headed out to Tapas. The food well I’ll let the food speak for it’s self.
Everything was incredible!!!
After, we headed to just passed Cafe Mambo with cava and enjoyed the beautiful sunset.

Thursday 25th August
Home Time

I had the perfect chilled and epicly funny holiday with my faves! 


P.S my favourite outfits from the trip..