Honeymoon Bliss

The Honeymoon was amazing!!

We booked this little piece of heaven on the 22nd February 2015. We wanted it booked and Kuoni made it happen and my travel agent Joanne….amazing!!! Can’t rate them highly enough. 
So we booked 10 night @ Constance Belle Mare Plage. In a Junior Suite. Fly with Emirates with a change @ Dubai!

I am no travel guide but I always want to help fellow jet setters. So here a little help that your travel provider won’t tell you. 

We arrived in September so this is a Mauritius winter month

-Only 1 of the 3 pools is heated
-The sea is cold
-The staff are all friendly and very helpful
-You will see roughly 4 hours of sun(Starting from around 10am)
-The turndown service is awesome. 
-There are plenty of movie channels 
-Part of the mini bar is included in the Crystal Package
-All Inclusive is a little confusing
-Blue Penny Resturant is chilling but gorgeous -take a sweater
-There are mosquitos 

My Wedding Part Five: His Day Too

My last and final post on the BEST day of my life.

I wanted to make it just as special for Jimbob , as the groom often gets forgotten and he’s happy to sit back and roll with it. 
Jimbob had been such a jem(ironic that’s his initials) so in the run upto the wedding I planned surprises that would all make his day! 

1.When he awoke in the hotel, I had asked Will his best man to give him a photograph. It was one I had taken prior in a homemade boudoir shoot. I simply wrote on the back ‘your last single girl’

2. Following that, I had wrapped a beautiful bottle of whiskey and asked the hotel to have it on the breakfast table for him. A simple tag ‘to Carm your Nerves’

3. I knew that J would have to return to the room before he left for the church so I asked if the hotel could again step in and deliver one small item. Jimbob loves Braeburn apples(not sure why) he had one everyday at lunch when we first got together. And when we looked for a ‘tree’ I would of loved an apple tree because they flower in the September. So when he returned back to his room. I had a baby apple tree waiting. The card read ‘Let this be the start of something fruitful’.

4. I had previously bought him some Calvin’s for the wedding well I went one better and got them embodiered with the date. The tag read, ‘so you never forget’.

At this point he thought that was my groom gifts. Boy was he wrong.

5. After we left to church we moved onto the reception; we had previously spoken about having a pionist, J loved the idea, but in an effort to save money he dropped the idea. Then I hired him behind his back. He was thrilled that as he walked in Matthew was there playing. The number 5 tag lay ontop of the piano. ‘To keep you entertained’

6. We were announced into the room and my Groom gift lie in wait. An envelope containing plane tickets and small itinerary of a couple of days in Dublin. At the bottom of the itinerary ‘Come away with me’.

7. After dinner coffee was served, with J favouite peanut butter cuts(mini ones). ‘Your favourite for my favourite’

8. Cutting of the cake, he was expecting traditional fruitcake, well I had that swapped it to his number one cake Red Velvet, he instantly knew well it is red!! ‘Surprise’

9. When the evening was in full swing I asked William to step up again. He gave him a cigar in a small box ‘Hubby & My my new little brother please enjoy’.

10. Partly to knock another of the bucket list and there never felt a more appropriate time. I asked the hotel to assist. And they covered the bed in rose petals. It really was the perfect way to end our day. 

It was so important for me that Jimbob had the best day, people say it’s all about the bride, he’s happy if your happy. That it’s probably true but a few surprise make him really feel special. 

I hope this wee list has made you think how you can make his day special


Eatery Review : Moody Cow Ilkley

On the 08.09.16 we went to the Moody Cow in Ilkley for our last date as single people.
It was a Thursday lunch time but it had a few groups in enjoying what they had to offer. The decor is simple but with cow hide to cover the dining chairs.
It was our last date and yes only 12:30 but that meant cocktails. Now I have enjoyed a lot of Pornstar Martinis and well this is by far the best I have ever had. You can tell with the colour it was velvety and rich. It had the strong flavour of solero ice lollies. Delicious!!
My handsome man enjoyed a very tart homemade cloudy lemonade. 
The menu is amazing and you will be struggling on what to order…we were.

Having not been before and not really being aware of any feedback on the place we weren’t sure on portion size. 
So we shared a starter…good idea. 
We ordered a fritter filled with ham hock and black pudding with a duck egg and bernaise sauce. (Probably one of the most delicious things ever)
James ordered the meat beast burger. Itcontains  a 4 meat burger(four different areas of the cow) a piece of rump steak, brisket and bacon which was more like gammon. 
In his honest opinion there was too much meat. And he only enjoyed half. 
I ordered badly. I adore wraps, they’re very versatile as you can hold and eat. But the fajitas just didn’t live up. Yes you couldn’t grumble at how much you received as you got plenty of everything but it just didn’t have that like amazeballs flavour. Plus the guacamole was bland and puréed. I wasn’t impressed. 
But on a more important note the hunt for the best Mac and Cheese is still on, we enjoyed the brisket mac and cheese on offer. It was delish with its crumb top. But it got very sickly after you had broken the crusty top. Everything was nicely served.

I’d definetly return for something else on the menu.

My rating 3 stars


Dublin Diary

A couple of weekend ago I took Jimbob to Dublin…here our Dublin Diary

The Digs
I chose the Dean hotel majority becuase of the location, right next door to an awesome nightclub in Dublin(We actually never went in) but also for it decor. It has so fun ideas on how a hotel interacts with its customers.
I only have 1 bad thing to say about the place the toilet paper is not matching everything else. I think this should be something they just upgrade. But everything else was divine.

It was really all about alcohol, we started off dignified it didn’t last long in temple bar.

A day of exploring we enjoyed a lovely 2 hour walk all over Dublin (mainly in search of a pizza) it took us back to our hotel which was a dream….everything was delish.

Once we had enjoyed brunch we had a wee nap for the big night ahead. 
We had tickets to the Itish Whiskey Museum it’s just down from the main stretch of shops and small but perfectly formed. There was a short and fairly interactive session on the history of Irish whiskey and then came the testing and making your own.. Now I’m not into whiskey but the host for the evening was light heart with this fact and I was made at home never the less. You are given 4 whiskey to try(and try as many times as you really wish) and then you have the opportunity to design your own with a little bit or a lot from all or some whiskeys.
After the museum, we went to the Arlington Hotel across the river. It has a awesome hotel bar so if you don’t get tickets to see the show, do go in there is live music every night. 
But we did go to see the show Celtic Nights, I was recommended by a friend and I wasn’t disappointed. It comes with a three course dinner for £33 each and has a very comical musical dancing show. I was gutted Galaway Girl wasn’t sang but never the less highly recommend.

1 month married, Yeahhh!
We enjoyed a bit of a shopping but didn’t really buy anything. And then enjoyed Room Service which was amazing, there was so much honestly couldn’t fault it.

Then for dinner we enjoyed Brookwood a small and perfectly formed Resturant that is a steakhouse with some delish pieces available. There menu is small but super tasty. The cocktail menu is again small and unique but if your after a more mainstream they will certainly try and cook one up for you. 

We were pretty lazy and enjoyed a super cheap breakfast @ Cafe Bliss, followed by brews back at the hotel until we made our way to the Airport

It was only a quick trip but a great visit.

My Wedding Part Four: It’s All In The Detail

Hi All….

Part four is here!!! I wanted to share elements that were personal to me and my wedding! I hope it inspires you for your big day!

Bridesmaids Handmade Dresses

Please everyone needs to know where they are sitting..

 Napkins got there only special touch

Only the Best
I saw was inspired by Pintrest

Mini Canvas
You may remeber a small post on these last year, here they are again in full glory.

Gone but Not Forgotten 
I love my family, and I am still gutted that my beautiful nanna and amazingly talented grandad couldn’t be with us. 

Dessert Anyone
I adore candy carts but they are so over done. So I went for Cake !!
They didn’t last long untouched!

We made little confetti boxes for our first dance


Designing my own Wedding Dress

I was going to write reviews on the dress shopping but after Visiting a few I realised that the dress I wanted wasn’t in exsitence. 

I knew what I wanted and I was trying ever so hard to alter nearly perfect dresses to get there. 

I made three appointment on the 3rd August, Harrogate Wedding Lounge, The Bridal Collection & Bridal Appeal. The first two were lovely, Harrogate Wedding Lounge is more contempary while The Bridal Collection is your British designers. 
While they were lovely I was pulling dresses apart this bit from here, that neckline. Bigger, lower. That sort of thing.

So when I arrived at Bridal Appeal I was already nervous thinking I am confused between two styles already. And nothing feels like the one. 
We waited downstairs and Sue the designer calls us up, they asked us to take our shoes off so we didn’t trail in dirt, love the high standards of care.
The designer sat with us and I was honest, Sharp sweeping neckline, think Victoria Beckham. Large tulle, tight to the bum. Lace, but plain at the bottom, and long train. 
I’ll be honest I was nervous, but I really feel the designer understood me. 

This is something that I want future and current brides to at least consider, if you are struggling finding the one of your so certain on something consider a dress maker. I mean in honestly I walked in this it was just another bridal shop. So really the dress found me. 
The icing on the cake is that, having spent that morning being told prices, roughly £2000 + alterations, and every dress I tried I want bit changing it adds up. The dress I designed with ever bit tailored to me, came in around the same price range. 

My second fitting; I’ll be honest wasn’t what I expect, it was just a measure. No swatches, no more proper drawings. Just another measure. But after talking to some people I wasn’t going to let this dampen my thoughts. 

My third fitting; A few weeks before I called and ask would swatches of fabric be available for me to pick for my next visit? I was told it had already been picked, which surprised me but I thought hey, she must know best. 
The swatch was beautiful, big loads off. Again just another measure this time.

My 4th visit was on the 9th June ‘Pinning Day’. Driving to the store I was sooo nervous. I didn’t know whether to expect a dress or just fabric that would literally just be pinned to me. 
We arrived slighly early, grabbed a brew and went to the store. 
We walked through and I saw a dress looking similar to what is described hung up. I was escorted to the little changing corner and asked to remove my dress. 
Yes an actual dress, my dream is here. After learning to step into it. I was told it hasn’t got a zip so it would just be pinned. ‘Eyes closed’ was said as I got ready to reveal. I stood ready in front of my mother & mother in law. They both seemed so happy. Me on the other I was happy, I had a dress I could walk down the isle in, but did I love it no. I smiled allowed the pinning to continue. Got changed and settled on a date for the second to last fitting.

I spent the remainder of the day thinking it’s lovely but it’s not quite perfect. I assumed it was that I just built it up in my head, I just need to get the reality to sink in?! I thought about, consulted interested and emailed her that night. I spoke of my concerns, gave examples and hit send. I was so pleased to hear from fee the day after to say everything would be done for my next visit.

5th Visit 
So my mother and mother-in-law arrived shoes in tow. Ready to see the final thing.
It wasn’t totally finished but I knew this time I loved it. Tip girls don’t do a lot of rowing before your wedding, your back will get bigger!! 
Because a few tweaks were required I need to come agin, for my last appointment.

My last appointment
Scared is an understatement, I have been to Ibiza and had an amazing hen party I know in myself I’m bigger!! 
But hey it fit like a glove. I was ready to walk down the aisle.

I hope this little diary has helped you consider designing your own.


Flash Back -Vera Wang


Go back to July 2015 I was lucky enough to get an appointment at Vera Wang. It was  amazing. It actually felt a little unreal in all honestly.

We travelled by Car, myself, mum & Wendy (my mother in law) 
And stayed @ Hilton Canary Wharf

Now if you’ve had a gander at my bucket list. You will notice that ‘Try on a Vera Wang Dress’ is listed so this was awesome to enjoy both the experience and get another tick on my list. 

We arrive a little earlier than expect but we rang the bell, the Bell, you can’t just walk in, as the door is locked. I mean how cool.

We met a lovely lady called Sharon who offer champagne in beautiful crystal flutes Vera Wang for  Wedgewood (obviously).

She allowed us to enjoy our drinks and the asked me to fill in a form with specifics about the wedding. Once we had settled Sharon settled down with us and asked about the wedding itself. It was relaxed and less formal than I expect which did put me much more at ease. She wasn’t pushy, she reassured me that I didn’t need to change myself  it just wasn’t the dress for me.

Once we had picked a few(7) dresses for me to try we made our way down stairs. To this beautiful mirror /grey carpet room. There were  cubes for the mothers to sit on while I changed in a small room . Sharon was fab, I hate being semi naked in front of someone but honestly it didn’t feel an issue.
I was most looking forward to trying ‘Gemma’ on, but in all honestly it didn’t live up for me. I tried the rest on but it was ‘Georgina’ I adored, I didn’t fall in love but I knew it was the shape that worked best for me.

If I could give brides any advice, go to  a high end store, and enjoy the experience. I learnt so much about what works for my body shape and what colours work for me along with height issues(James is average -and I’m only 5’6)

I liked the dress but I didn’t love it-it wasn’t the one but WoW it was one of the best experience I ever had.

If I could do it again, in a heart beat!