Flash Back -Vera Wang


Go back to July 2015 I was lucky enough to get an appointment at Vera Wang. It was  amazing. It actually felt a little unreal in all honestly.

We travelled by Car, myself, mum & Wendy (my mother in law) 
And stayed @ Hilton Canary Wharf

Now if you’ve had a gander at my bucket list. You will notice that ‘Try on a Vera Wang Dress’ is listed so this was awesome to enjoy both the experience and get another tick on my list. 

We arrive a little earlier than expect but we rang the bell, the Bell, you can’t just walk in, as the door is locked. I mean how cool.

We met a lovely lady called Sharon who offer champagne in beautiful crystal flutes Vera Wang for  Wedgewood (obviously).

She allowed us to enjoy our drinks and the asked me to fill in a form with specifics about the wedding. Once we had settled Sharon settled down with us and asked about the wedding itself. It was relaxed and less formal than I expect which did put me much more at ease. She wasn’t pushy, she reassured me that I didn’t need to change myself  it just wasn’t the dress for me.

Once we had picked a few(7) dresses for me to try we made our way down stairs. To this beautiful mirror /grey carpet room. There were  cubes for the mothers to sit on while I changed in a small room . Sharon was fab, I hate being semi naked in front of someone but honestly it didn’t feel an issue.
I was most looking forward to trying ‘Gemma’ on, but in all honestly it didn’t live up for me. I tried the rest on but it was ‘Georgina’ I adored, I didn’t fall in love but I knew it was the shape that worked best for me.

If I could give brides any advice, go to  a high end store, and enjoy the experience. I learnt so much about what works for my body shape and what colours work for me along with height issues(James is average -and I’m only 5’6)

I liked the dress but I didn’t love it-it wasn’t the one but WoW it was one of the best experience I ever had.

If I could do it again, in a heart beat!


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