Designing my own Wedding Dress

I was going to write reviews on the dress shopping but after Visiting a few I realised that the dress I wanted wasn’t in exsitence. 

I knew what I wanted and I was trying ever so hard to alter nearly perfect dresses to get there. 

I made three appointment on the 3rd August, Harrogate Wedding Lounge, The Bridal Collection & Bridal Appeal. The first two were lovely, Harrogate Wedding Lounge is more contempary while The Bridal Collection is your British designers. 
While they were lovely I was pulling dresses apart this bit from here, that neckline. Bigger, lower. That sort of thing.

So when I arrived at Bridal Appeal I was already nervous thinking I am confused between two styles already. And nothing feels like the one. 
We waited downstairs and Sue the designer calls us up, they asked us to take our shoes off so we didn’t trail in dirt, love the high standards of care.
The designer sat with us and I was honest, Sharp sweeping neckline, think Victoria Beckham. Large tulle, tight to the bum. Lace, but plain at the bottom, and long train. 
I’ll be honest I was nervous, but I really feel the designer understood me. 

This is something that I want future and current brides to at least consider, if you are struggling finding the one of your so certain on something consider a dress maker. I mean in honestly I walked in this it was just another bridal shop. So really the dress found me. 
The icing on the cake is that, having spent that morning being told prices, roughly £2000 + alterations, and every dress I tried I want bit changing it adds up. The dress I designed with ever bit tailored to me, came in around the same price range. 

My second fitting; I’ll be honest wasn’t what I expect, it was just a measure. No swatches, no more proper drawings. Just another measure. But after talking to some people I wasn’t going to let this dampen my thoughts. 

My third fitting; A few weeks before I called and ask would swatches of fabric be available for me to pick for my next visit? I was told it had already been picked, which surprised me but I thought hey, she must know best. 
The swatch was beautiful, big loads off. Again just another measure this time.

My 4th visit was on the 9th June ‘Pinning Day’. Driving to the store I was sooo nervous. I didn’t know whether to expect a dress or just fabric that would literally just be pinned to me. 
We arrived slighly early, grabbed a brew and went to the store. 
We walked through and I saw a dress looking similar to what is described hung up. I was escorted to the little changing corner and asked to remove my dress. 
Yes an actual dress, my dream is here. After learning to step into it. I was told it hasn’t got a zip so it would just be pinned. ‘Eyes closed’ was said as I got ready to reveal. I stood ready in front of my mother & mother in law. They both seemed so happy. Me on the other I was happy, I had a dress I could walk down the isle in, but did I love it no. I smiled allowed the pinning to continue. Got changed and settled on a date for the second to last fitting.

I spent the remainder of the day thinking it’s lovely but it’s not quite perfect. I assumed it was that I just built it up in my head, I just need to get the reality to sink in?! I thought about, consulted interested and emailed her that night. I spoke of my concerns, gave examples and hit send. I was so pleased to hear from fee the day after to say everything would be done for my next visit.

5th Visit 
So my mother and mother-in-law arrived shoes in tow. Ready to see the final thing.
It wasn’t totally finished but I knew this time I loved it. Tip girls don’t do a lot of rowing before your wedding, your back will get bigger!! 
Because a few tweaks were required I need to come agin, for my last appointment.

My last appointment
Scared is an understatement, I have been to Ibiza and had an amazing hen party I know in myself I’m bigger!! 
But hey it fit like a glove. I was ready to walk down the aisle.

I hope this little diary has helped you consider designing your own.


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