Dublin Diary

A couple of weekend ago I took Jimbob to Dublin…here our Dublin Diary

The Digs
I chose the Dean hotel majority becuase of the location, right next door to an awesome nightclub in Dublin(We actually never went in) but also for it decor. It has so fun ideas on how a hotel interacts with its customers.
I only have 1 bad thing to say about the place the toilet paper is not matching everything else. I think this should be something they just upgrade. But everything else was divine.

It was really all about alcohol, we started off dignified it didn’t last long in temple bar.

A day of exploring we enjoyed a lovely 2 hour walk all over Dublin (mainly in search of a pizza) it took us back to our hotel which was a dream….everything was delish.

Once we had enjoyed brunch we had a wee nap for the big night ahead. 
We had tickets to the Itish Whiskey Museum it’s just down from the main stretch of shops and small but perfectly formed. There was a short and fairly interactive session on the history of Irish whiskey and then came the testing and making your own.. Now I’m not into whiskey but the host for the evening was light heart with this fact and I was made at home never the less. You are given 4 whiskey to try(and try as many times as you really wish) and then you have the opportunity to design your own with a little bit or a lot from all or some whiskeys.
After the museum, we went to the Arlington Hotel across the river. It has a awesome hotel bar so if you don’t get tickets to see the show, do go in there is live music every night. 
But we did go to see the show Celtic Nights, I was recommended by a friend and I wasn’t disappointed. It comes with a three course dinner for £33 each and has a very comical musical dancing show. I was gutted Galaway Girl wasn’t sang but never the less highly recommend.

1 month married, Yeahhh!
We enjoyed a bit of a shopping but didn’t really buy anything. And then enjoyed Room Service which was amazing, there was so much honestly couldn’t fault it.

Then for dinner we enjoyed Brookwood a small and perfectly formed Resturant that is a steakhouse with some delish pieces available. There menu is small but super tasty. The cocktail menu is again small and unique but if your after a more mainstream they will certainly try and cook one up for you. 

We were pretty lazy and enjoyed a super cheap breakfast @ Cafe Bliss, followed by brews back at the hotel until we made our way to the Airport

It was only a quick trip but a great visit.

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