The Search for the Perfect Afternoon Tea – Stirk house Hotel

Good morning All,
The search for the Perfect Afternoon Tea began yesterday with 4 friends and me. This was my first taste of afternoon tea, I know shocking right, its just never happened for me.
This was also a little more fabulous that just going, it was a surprise for Katie’s birthday.
I was a little bit of a moron and didn’t take too many snaps- noted for next time.
We arrived around one, with a glass of prosecco in hand! We sat in a centre semi circle booth. The beautiful view only metres away from us. It was only a short wait for the birthday girl and co.
I will say it again i have never been to afternoon tea so i wasn’t sure of the protocol but what arrived first was a little odd, fresh buttered bread with condiments of marmelade and honey. I passed on the bread – the ladies said it was delicious.
What arrived next was a beautiful affair of savoury and sweet elements. including scones with clotted cream which is one of my new favourite things.


The savoury side included brioche buns with beef and mustard filling, egg and mayo finger sandwiches(I don’t care how cute they made them look I’m never going to get to grips with that consistency), salmon, chive and cream cheese bagel, home made sausage roll(party size of course-this isn’t Greggs) but probably my favourite was the toasted bread with chutney and slice of melted brie.
Moving onto the sweet items there is a chocolate sort of cheese cake, and vanilla – I cant be 100% i didn’t have either, there was also parkin (again I think) none of us tried that.  Then in the centre a sort of posset – Gemma confirmed it was very tart!
Then on top the quintessential British sweet treat, scones, clotted cream, raspberry jam and butter.
Of course it was served with tea or coffee.
I have never been to afternoon tea before but I feel the perfect afternoon tea requires more search more investigation, more days out testing!
To Score I need to put some reasons
+ Setting, the interior and exterior are both beautiful
+ The sausage roll was incredible
+ I discovered clotted cream
+ Very reasonable in price
+ The waiter had wit
+ We were able to take what we didn’t eat home
– We didn’t eat everything, but then again are you meant to?
– I wasn’t offered a selection of different teas
– I was hoping for a cucumber sandwich – just to be totally British
I am going to aware Stirk House – 7 out of 10!
Wheres next?

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