Eatery Review – The Pit

Hi All,

Bank holiday feels like ages ago since work has been a bit crazy this week! Oh well it’s lunch ish time now so that means it’s only 2 more get ups and it’s a chilled weekend!!! 

On Monday me and James went to Harrogate for a little gander around Homesense and some lunch. With no idea where to go I used Trip Advisor to find me something Tex-Mex style. I didn’t look at the review I basically went off the picture. 
We arrived around 1pm ish and parked on the main road as The Pit is just a 2 minute walk off the high street. 

The decor is how you’d expect, industrial and leather combination. Sorry I actually don’t think you can pin this style down. Big open bar, different levels.
We sat down in a open booth with a great view of the entire place. The staff were lovely and attentive and were happy to come back with James’ drink while I continued to find my drink choice.

I had a Cherry Smash which was a bourbon cocktail and it was delish and very refreshing with the mint tang!

We ordered The North of the Border BBQ sharing platter along with a Mac and Cheese side and some Philly Fries. 

The first comment to make is you often get starters to share and there isn’t a plentiful array of food; it’s often just a slightly bigger portion, sort of 1 & 1/2. But this was totally different, a really good portion for 2..especially since we weren’t having mains.

The only item on the platter which could’ve been better was the sliders; they could’ve done with more chicken or or sauce, or perhaps a brioche bun. Just felt like a basic choice.

Now to my favourite bits; the Gucaomole was incredibley well seasoned and the chunkiness was perfect! And the Mac& Cheese had this amazing crumb with the most perfect consistency, not too sloppy.

The Resturant was just what we needed after the shopping and to top it off we received 50% off food, just because it was Monday. Can’t go wrong!

Worth a visit 

4 out of 5


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