Recipe : More Than Just Mac & Cheese

Hi All,

Happy Sunday! Today is a very special day as its my mums birthday and I’m heading to see her soon. But right now I needed to share my dinner last night. 

We have some very special friends who basically look after me when I’m bored and lonely…which is surprisingly a lot! I feel for them having to but let’s be frank I am a pretty good house guest. 

So for about a year Leaine and Steven have said that Leaines Mac and Cheese is incredible and yesterday I got to watch it being made and also eat it.

The good news for you guys is that I get to share this recipe with you… you lucky people!

So let’s begin; 

What you need in your fridge and cupboard is the following;
150g red leister grated 
200g Mature Cheddar Grated
100g Smoked cheese (dependant on strength) we used Oak Smoked Cheddar grated
Cream cheese
10 rashers of Bacon cut into lardons 
4 slices Black pudding cut into cubes
1 whole Onion-diced
Full bag of Spinach 
1 large table spoon /1 oz Plain Flour
1 large table spoon /1 ozButter 
1 Pint milk
400g Macaroni (Pasta)
Bread 2 slices 

And to get the ingredients to become an actual dish you need to follow these steps:
Fill a a pan of water and put it on the hob and bring to the boil. Put your oven on 200 degrees. 

Make a white sauce with your flour, butter and milk. Melt your butter don’t let it boil though, add your flour and whisk…don’t stop. Once it’s come together add the milk, must continue whisking. It will go lumpy if you stop whisking. When thickened add the cream cheese and half of the grated cheeses stir in until combined. 

Fry the onion, bacon and black pudding together until cooked, add to the White sauce 

Cook the macaroni in the boiling water as per instructions on packet. 

When everything is ready, combine and add the spinach in an oven proof dish. 
Put your bread in the oven to toast. When it has a nice colour put it in the food processor to make fine breadcrumbs. 

When it’s almost dinner time. Sprinkle the rest of the grated cheese and the breadcrumbs on top and bake in the oven 25/30 minutes if still hot or even warm. If you prepared the night before then allow 30/40 minutes.

Once cooked serve with whatever you fancy. Personally I think it’s prefect just on its own. 

Thank you to Leaine for letting me share your delish dish!


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