Hi All 



20:20 Touchdown in Barcelona | 21:00 Taxi Transfer to the Hotel, we booked through the hotel but to be honest apart from a sort of tote bag there was 0 benefit. I don’t mean to sound high maintenance but I thought he might of offered to take our bags, or spoken on the journey. Or shown us through to the check in desk. | 21:15 After check in which was a little slow, we changed and went to the roof for Sangria and Beer. Ok just a point on the sangria. It is strong!! Our friends Lovat and Scott met us for drinks and food.|23:30 We walked up the La Ramblas, to O’ Toxo Tres Hermandos For food…amazing!!! | Bed 02:15

| 18:45 We made ourselves presentable for our last night. I wore an ASOS dress obviously! And we headed to the W hotel which is in the best location, with the best view also at the best price, costing roughly £1000 a night. We ate at Bravo24 and it was incredible. I for the first time sent the steak back for being far too over cooked but I’m so glad I did…melt in the mouth. The whole atmosphere is great and the food really was the best I’ve had in a while. The Restaurant bill came in just over €137 for 3 courses and drinks. And you get a cute little chocolate bar to enjoy on the ride home. Would visit again!!  | 22:25 we took the 15 min ride home costing €12 off the top of my head. We were charged a premium rate on the way to the W but neither of us were very sure why. Just a point on this if you pay with notes, be prepared you might not get exact change | 23:00 We were knackered, the sun really takes it out of you so only one thing for it, cocktail and a Movie in Bed.


09:00 I wake up super early abroad, I think it’s the temperature, which to be honest our air con was crap it went to 16 degrees and didn’t really do much at all. | 10:00 I have a love of Room Service, it’s probably because I enjoy eating in bed so much and there are people dedicated to bringing it to you. So Breakfast in Bed it was. And at €30 for continental and English breakfast which fed us both I was super pleased. An array of delicious items, from eggs to fruit to donuts…there was more than enough for us both.  | 13:00 we headed to the pool after watching BBC News for 3 hours and watching the events that happened in Kensington. My thoughts go out to all involved. But so much community spirit.
| 15:00 We paid an additional € 22 to Check Out late which I thought was well worth the money. As it meant we could linger for longer and not have to be sticky when we went to the airport.
 | 16:00 We took a stroll around Barcelona to enjoy the sights and sounds of the place but to be honest I just got asked if I wanted to smoke weed 5 times, we declined and went to Hard Rock Cafe, this place was so busy and had a great buzz. 5* | 19:00 Leave for the Airport, which cost €35 and took around 30 minutes| 21:45 It had been a long day, to be honest it felt like we’d been away ages…time to board that plane and go home. I stupidly had work the following day.

Bye Spain

Hope you enjoyed both my recent travel diaries. Love to know your thoughts and opinions 


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