Eatery Review : Tempest Arms

Hi All, 
As part of team building for work and becuase I a. Love food and b. It was my birthday the following day, it made total sense to me to go out for dinner. 
The Tempest Arms is nestled in the hills between Earby and Skipton, having been plenty of times it just made sense to enjoy a girls dinner here. 
We called on Tuesday and were shocked they only had one table available for Thursday night…says so much! 
Our table was booked for 6 and as we arrived the sun made his only appearance of the day! It’s such a cute location. And the interior is just as cute. 
We arrived early and had a round of drinks on the boss, #bonus ! I had a pims and procecco which as lush as it was, needed to be sweeter. Loved the goblet tho.
The Resturant is so awesome because even though it’s rather large, where ever you sit you don’t feel like you just in a empty Resturant  (granted it didn’t last long at all) .  
Janey, who’s a bit of a ledge wanted starters and mains. So we got Bert in a Box & there famous mushrooms to share with a plank of bread.
So like I cannot fault the mushrooms apart from bring me more, like 3 pots of them. They were so delish the perfect balance of creamy yet cheesey!! Coming onto the Bert in a Box which was delish and perfectly cooked but I thought the sort of play on words would have meant it arrived with more quirky, I realised Cambert comes in a like mini crate but I was hoping it was gonna come in a further box, I was thinking Jack in a Box. You couldn’t fault it’s gooeyness. And here’s a question, are you meant to eat the skin?
For mains, I had the special, I love that they have a daily Hyme Sheet, it shows really cooking talent. No chief should be restricted from season to season. The specials should always be exciting and new and the Tempest delivers. So I got the Duck(obviously) wow it was melt in the mouth. Possibly the best duck I’ve ever had! And the potato Roti, can the chief in charge of those batch them up and allow me to freeze them for like every meal!! Lucy had the lamb but admitted it was dry, we advised the waitress who did apologises. Janey had the fish pie, which she ate the whole thing and said she could eat it again it was simply that good. My Elizabeth had the steak and ale pie, as she is fighting tonsoliets she could barely eat it(now to go on the record I obviously want her to have 100% health) but the steak pie was incredible and we enjoyed finishing it for her. 

We had no starters but we shared a couple bottles of wine, there wine list is serious!! 
This place is such a home feel and the food is top. And if you have an upcoming event they have an adorable room at the back, just a note to add.
4.8 out of 5
I can’t wait till I can go again!

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