Product Review : Cheese Postie

So for part of my birthday presents I asked for subscription boxes, why because there awesome I really love getting items in the post and it’s even better when your not sure of the item your receiving but it’s in a genre you enjoy.
So when a friend Mr Briggs explained the concept of Cheese Postie we knew it was something right down our alley. And what better way to receive it than in a birthday present. 
So for those of you unaware of the process, you can either sign up for weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Or just send one as a gift and they will arrive on the following Thursday. And once the box arrives you open up a toastie surprise, there bread, butter, a toastie bag, and a filling either savoury or sweet.
They do all the hard work so you get the enjoyment of simple assembling and toasting.
My first box arrived on my birthday eve! And it was probably the best surprise as I was contemplating taking a stroll for some lunch. But this beautiful long box was there to enjoy instead. The flavour of the week Goats Cheese, Bacon & a rich balsamic glaze. Perfect. 
I lovely created this post wizardry and loved every second, apart from getting it in the toastie bag, ideally they need to be like 1cm bigger but hey. 

A couple of minutes on the panini press and well it was scrummy!! And the best part while opening my presents it was revealed there might be a few more coming my way!!
I hope you’ll all consider a Cheese Postie for your loved ones next birthday!

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