Eatery Review : The Foundry Project

So for the mother in laws birthday we picked Foundry Project in Harrogate on The Ginnel, which is located in the centre of town. 
We had an early sitting for a change and it was lovely to see when we arrived the outside terrace was full of people sitting in the last of sunshine. 
The interior is like so amazing, it’s golds and brass, concrete and all the dark colours. Totally up my street! 

I arrived thinking I’m having a Smoked Cherry Manhattan Cocktail, I left with one thought I didn’t like that at all. I also had some form of pink cocktail but safe to say I didn’t enjoy that either. So the birthday girl got a few cocktail to enjoy. My gran ordered a procecco which came flat to start with but they soon put it right with a fresh glass. The boys had nothing to talk about…sorry guys. 
After the cocktails the place had gone down in my expectations so when the starters came I was overly shocked and agreed that the nachos were totally incredible. We shared the garlic dough balls, tomato and Parmesan dough balls, nachos, fried pickels and caramel and chilli chicken wings. And it was served and tasted AMAZING!!!! Like literally, I have never want to eat nachos so much that doesn’t have guacamole on them. They had the perfect crunch and those chips at the bottom didn’t go soggy even with a mass of sauce on top! The wings were really sweet and hot all that the same time. And pickles were different and super amazing with the blue cheese Mayo. The dough were amazing so much garlic!!!!! 

So my opinion was definitely raised and then the mains came. I order the Mozzerella and Tomato Pizza, Jimboh had the Beef Ragu, MIL shared a Jerk Chicken and Salad with Gran and Will had a burger. We had some house fries and slaw to share. Let’s just say I’ve had better and if you can call the slaw – slaw I am shocked it was more of a crunchy dip. Far to much sauce. You couldn’t even see the vegetable shards. The pizzas were sloppy and well I just didn’t think it was great. But the burger was the bees knees! Very impressive.

None of us had desserts but the menu was pretty decent all the same. Would I return? Yes but I’d be getting the starter and just having it all to myself as a main.
3 out of 5

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