Eatery Review : nami sushi

Hi All,
Another Eatery Review! Sorry guys apart from eating I’m not doing much else. But hey, I hope you’re enjoying them.

Last weekend I took a trip to Lancaster to see my oldest friend; Alexandra. We had a great time nattering and catching up on all things old and new. 

We headed for an early dinner at nani sushi in the heart of the quaint city around 5pm. The restaurant was as expected, quiet for the time, but was beautifully lit with the sunshine and the perfect way to enjoy the last of the days sun.

After sitting down at the sushi bar a gentleman came over with some menus. We ordered the Saki(plum wine) and two beers. Now im not suggesting I need help to read a menu because I don’t, and I am a seasoned sushi eater, but I honestly feel a little guidance at this point wouldn’t of gone-a-miss. Unlike Yo! Sushi the menu is a standard menu and what I mean by this is there isn’t a picture to show you what things look like, so when you’re trying to work out what’s what you’re a bit blind.
A lot of sushi I am very familiar with so I picked a couple of dishes off the belt while we decided what to have made to order. Including a sort of seaweed type dish and it was sooo delicious!! Again, if the menu had pictures I’d be able to tell you its name. After a few dishes we ordered a Chicken noodle dish & a Prawn Noodle dish and having been to other establishments where they’re pretty small, we were expecting the same. Think again; they were huge!! So again, maybe a short briefing when presenting the menu that would’ve been great.

Only a short post today but I have to say Plum Wine & Miso Soup is such a brilliant combination(obviously not in the same cup)
3.8 out of 5

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