Eatery Review : Alexander’s

Hi All,
We went for dinner for a person who has taken up a small residence in my heart after only a short time, my beautiful assistant Elizabeth ‘Beth’ . We went on Friday with a reservation at 17:30, we arrived on time after parking on the high street.
We were met by a lady on the door asking if we would like a drink or if we were dining with them this evening. First off my alarm bells were ringing; we’re in Skipton, this seems a little unnesscary. But as I was more interested with the interior the ladies went to the hosts lectern. After finding the booking and welcoming us in, he lifted the rope entrance to the dinning room. Now let’s just stop. Again, we’re in Skipton. What is the need for this…honestly I’d love to know, it seemed completely pretentious!!
But keeping an open mind I absolutely loved the flow and completely on trend, botanical, chic style they had gone for. Honestly if I had a Resturant, apart from there being maybe more music, it was pretty much to a T!! Beautiful! Props to the interior designer.
We were seated in the outside covered area. Now as I had booked, this wasn’t what I expected. I’m not sure what we would’ve done had it rained but luck was on our side and it was truly glorious.
We ordered a bottle of prosecco, white wine, water and a Coca Cola. The service was prompt although becuase the severer delivered all drinks and then walked away to drop off his tray, I was for a moment confused as to whether we were meant to pour our own. But he returned eventually, little odd got to admit. But having said that, the prosecco is lush!!! Although probably not worth the £28 price tag.
So let’s be frank; when you first look at the menu it’s simply confusing. It’s like it genuinely doesn’t know what cuisine it’s trying to achieve, or if Bob the owner thought ‘well I right like curry and I right like croquettes, and there isn’t a Resturant like that so let’s do both’ but having said that there was plenty I want to try, so if Bob thought that, props!
(I cannot comfirm that the owner is actually called Bob)
I ordered the Lamb Shawarma, Chipolatas & the Croquettes. Ok so let’s break it down, the Croquettes were literally incredible and came with a jelly type thing which was just so yummy. Like I want them for every snack time! The lamb was delish, ‘Beth’ said she didn’t even like lamb but thought it was lovely!! And there was so much of it!! The chipolatas, they didn’t zing like I’d hoped they would, they were a bit lack luster. I was hoping for sticky with the spice of the mustard. What I got was sort of slightly sticky sausages on a raisin and mustard relish. Wouldn’t order again.
On a side note our plates didn’t come out together, they came out as they were ready. Which in a lot of cases this is great. Now the waitress did state this after we ordered and asked if it was ok. Now to be honest I didn’t really feel we could say no. But maybe that just needs rewording; would you prefer everything together or as and when it’s ready?
The ladies had Hallumi Fries, Chicken, Feta & the Flatbread. We were in agreement that the chicken would be better as breast rather than thigh, as we took a guess that was why the chicken was of a slight dark shade. Also if they had crispened up the skin this would of improved the dish. The Hallomi fries!!!!!! They were really good. We all thought the feta was delish but it would’ve been better to reduce the price and portion.
Even though I was verging on bursting, the idea of Chocolate Cherries I couldn’t pass up. And even though I felt a complete pain because it had strawberries on it and needed to be sent back, they were lush. Fresh and delicious. Lucy and Elizabeth shared the truffles and if their faces were anything to go off, they were great.
Overall I was more than impressed, I honestly didn’t expect what I experienced and tasted. There were so many events that made the experience that little bit better. All the ladies wearing Nike black trainers, now I appreciate it doesn’t improve the food but it’s just that extra attention to detail. Every single member of staff was so friendly and accommodating. It was such a welcome change.
Let’s talk cost for a small moment. It was a total of £137.50 for 4 people which would roughly work out at £34.38pp. Now is that bad? Well I am going with ‘its prickling on a bit expensive’ for a 1.25 course dinner. Yes I was stuffed but I would say it’s not cheap for a Friday night tea.
-I’m not sure I’d be dead keen on having a date night here as I like to enjoy a sort of two or three course affair and I’m not sure I’m feeling it all coming out as its ready for that kind of situation but this could be altered I’m sure.
-I can only fault the style of the place in The Lawrence, may have mis-read that but that is the upstairs dinning room which I assume is mainly for functions. Now do I dislike it, no, does it have the same appearance and charm as everywhere else, no. This room would be beyond great for a murder mystery night with food and its own bar but it does lack a bit of character truth be told. Those beautiful windows and the rest of room could have so much to offer. Maybe it’s a work in progress.
-There are very few restaurants that really grasp casual living. What I mean by that is; Imagine when it’s a lovely day and you’re just relaxing with a bottle of fizz you may just want to nibble through the afternoon and not want to order all at once. Alexander’s have really nailed that. So for an upmarket scene with a chilled atmosphere is pretty impressive.
4.7 out of 5
Thoroughly enjoyed it and I can’t wait to try the brunch menu!

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