It’s been a whole year of marriage, which to be honest has been pretty standard. Quite like the last 8 years we’ve spent together…there’s nothing different this year.
But marriage has given me something I never expected, I like calling him my husband.
I will give those getting married a few tips
• Expect to be a little lost
• Remember why you bothered
• Start planning for something
• Continue to date
All 4 are so important, for the first 2 months of marriage I was like a crazy cat lady. I had so much time and nothing to fill it with.
Occasionally, which I imagine will never stop cropping up, I asked was it all worth it. Then you’ll find something that will make you remember why.
Plan a party, plan a holiday. You’ve just had the biggest day of your life. Now what’s next. Your life isn’t over.
My favourite one. Dating is where it began, is shouldn’t stop. Once a month, put your war paint on and just have too many cocktails and laugh together!
Much love

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