Manahatta Merrion Street | Bottomless Brunch

Hi All,
I can’t believe it was last week. It’s gone super fast. Me and one if my best friends Curtis went to Manahatta at the top of Leeds on Merrion Street. A small pedestrianised street, which screams street party, but that’s a blog for another day.
The outing was that little bit extra special because it was my birthday present from my doll. Yes I’m a Leo but we both lead heavy social lives so this was the selected day to share together.
We arrived by train and caught an uber as far as possible, Leeds and the majority of the north experienced a heavy downpour so we simply didn’t want to get wet. Plus it was only a £3 uber, #easystreet .
We arrived a little early for our time of 3pm so we propped ourselves at the bar and ordered two North Star Martinis, which is a combination of Vodka, Aperol & Passionfruit and some other items but they make it sound disgusting which it truly is not. Just to warn you it takes forever because they basically need to whip/froth it up so they do this by tipping back and forward into another cup which allows the air to get into it. But it is Delish. When it arrives.
Quickly after recieving the cocktails we were shown to a tuquoise semi circle booth just to the right of the front door with a view of the entire place.
We were handed menus and a briefing of how it works. Granted we didn’t need this as Curtis is literally a pro at bottomless brunching.
Now for those of you that are new to this concept, the majority of restaurants have mainly the same rules and formalities but their drink/food options may change.
So here you get 90minutes to enjoy a plate from the menu(the food on it-before everyone says ‘you eat the crockery’?!) and you can have as many drinks as you can drink within the 90 minutes.
We had recieved our briefing and requested our first drinks, I chose Aperol Spritz and Curtis a prosecco and our food. We knew what we wanted – let’s get the party going!!
After what felt like forever we recieved our first round of drinks, and I was pleasantly surprised I got two, apparently the bar had simply made two so that was excellent being it had been a fair while.
We sipped, we nattered, we took photos, here’s me wearing a black off the shoulder body and a red and back checked skirt.
See above the other Aperol simply waiting to be drank.
The food arrived and it was glorious, I did have my reservations that the food would look sloppy/rushed due to the fact it was simply so busy but honesly complete opposite, props to the chief. Plus for the price the quality of food was top notch. Couldn’t fault it and they swapped my beans for an extra hash brown!!
We ate and nattered a bit more, as I was out of Aperol I ordered another round. Again it was slow but also as much as we had a great booth we weren’t situated the best in hindsight as all the other booths got more attention. So when we got our order in I asked for an additional glass of prosecco which he granted, due to the wait and when my aperols came (two again) I passed the prosecco to Curtis. We sipped and chatted and enjoyed our beverages in the bar/Resturant.
It was almost upto our 90 minutes get off the table time and we thought we could fit in another round but it became very difficult. Curtis did get a top up but once ordered my Aperol didn’t arrive. We moved to the bar area near the kitchen. A good 5 minutes later 2 Aperol Spitz came towards me. And as Curtis had now finished her beverage it only seemed appropriate to ask if another glass was possible, safe to say, a glass swiftly arrived.
So in total I enjoyed 6 Aperol Spitz & Curtis drank a good bottle and a glass of prosecco. So all in all we got the monies worth!
Everything was bliss about this occasion, more the company than anything but you couldn’t fault the food. Service wasn’t bad but the waiter did get busy with bigger groups.
Loved it, can’t wait for the next one!

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