The Search for the Perfect Afternoon Tea | The Midland Hotel

Hi All,
It’s that time again, time for a taste of Afternoon Tea. The search is still on and the search continues to be tasty!
We travelled to Manchester to the Midland hotel for a beautiful Bride, Katie’s hen do – number 2! 
The Midland hotel is a beautiful Victorian red brick building and the interior does the building justice. 
We were seated just up from the foyer as there was a wedding happening in the Tea Room which was lovely to see.
The 10 of us were seated and the champagne and cucumber water was delivered with style and grace. 
We had pre-selected the Royal Afternoon Tea(menu below) which was price £32 including a glass of fizz. 
The menu had one change, which was the Scottish Strawberry dessert but that suited me #allergic 
The food arrived swiftly and was beautifully presented on three cake stands along the table. 
So let’s break the savoury part down.
Of the five sandwiches I enjoyed 3 
Chicken & Sweetcorn 
Beetroot & Goats Cheese
I handed out my Duck egg and Smoked Salmon
Ham – nothing out of the ordinary, a good ham sandwich 
Chicken – a very delish brioche chicken bite
Beetroot and goats cheese – an extremely surprising and delish combination! So pleased to enjoy two (I had Gemma’s)! 
Duck Egg – it tasted no different to a normal egg 
Salmon – would’ve  been nicer on a white bread 
The blushing bride, and ready to eat cake! Katie I hope you don’t mind you’re in this blog!
The midland blend is a lush brew and I throughly enjoyed it extra weak and black…of course. The service kept it flowing and that ticked a lot of boxes.
Now let’s talk desserts. So, I normally eat the sandwiches, then cakes, closing with the scones but this time it got a little muddled, but hey..
My favourite hands down was the Passionfruit meringue; perfect pastry and uber light meringue. 
The green mouse thing that had replaced the strawberry had a texture which wasn’t to my palette but the apple flavour was present and correct.
The chocolate ganache (delish) is every chocolate lovers dream; rich, smooth and very chocolatey…just a little too rich for me.
And lastly the Pistachio cake, personally, was extremely delish but as it was so crumbly a nightmare to eat like a lady.
Now to my favourite bit; the scones. The area I feel the midland need to improve is distribution, you can’t give the plates to one end of the table for them to be passed down..this is a no no. And I am not fond of the silver service jam deal, like just put the pots on the table and I’ll help myself when I’m ready. 
Sorry, not to be too negative, the scones where moist and delishious and the plum jam was not too shabby either. 
Like most, The Midland offers a ‘take away what you don’t eat’ service and let’s be honest, this tops them all when it comes to the box.
Everything was nice but nothing was like OMG! I do prefer the savoury option to be a mixture of warm and cold but this is stepping away from tradition. And becuase of the scone distribution it felt a little like we were being rushed but I don’t for a minute feel this was intentional. 
Plenty of Tea 
Beautiful surrounds 
The jam should live on the table 
The price 
Scones distribution 
Rush – maybe
Score 7 out of 10 

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