Kitchen Styling

Hi All,
The kitchen is pretty much complete and I wanted to share how it has changed over the year and a half.
The Kitchen Before…
Yes we stripped out a white cheap kitchen and revealed the real scale of the room.
This kitchen had the most going on with both the chimney breast being partly knocked out along with the opposite wall. And moving the fuse box downstairs.
And After…
We chose a Wickes matte grey handle-less kitchen which is sleek and allows even more space for parties, as many appliances are fitted to save room on the work tops. I would of had the hot water tap but I’m still sure I’ll end up burning myself when I come to run the tap. And the kettles is the only thing we are still undecided on.
The area which I love and I take so much pride in (as Jimbob thought it was a terrible idea) is my bar area. Before we knocked the wall through this was just an area where tins lived but now it’s a functional space where the alcohol lives plus with the mirrors it adds so much light into the room.




I hope you like!!

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