Beauty is only Skin Deep

Hi All,

I’m 25 and over the last couple of months I have become much more bothered about what I’m putting on my skin. I used to have the occasional face pack night which was funny and everything but other than that I didn’t care for my skin as such.

But for whatever reason I started to care and since then have put a bit of a beauty regime together which I think works for my normal/slightly dry skin.

It all starts in the morning with Clinquie Quick Start. I purchased it on the way back from Benidorm and even though it was a impulse purchase(it had been a long time since I’d shopped) I can see that it really is starting to make a difference on my ‘black bags’ and because of its nifty design you don’t need to get all creamed up.

Now, I hate wearing make up. I like the way it makes me feel, yes, but if I could get away with not wearing it I would. But more recently I have worked out how to not detest it so much. It’s a two step process 

1. Oil

It smells and feels amazing and I only use half a pipette per application. It gives your face a really smooth feel and what I think of as a great barrier between my face and the make up.

2. Primer

I am aware so many people use this and I only discovered it late last year but this makes my make up go further and last longer. And combined with the oil I don’t think my pores feel as clogged up with crap.{they probably still are}

End of the Day

I have a shower every evening, I sort of feel it’s like washing the day away. And I use two items daily. And one weekly.


Clinique & Soaper Duper body wash.  I purchased the Clinique bottle years ago and I’m making it last due to the fact I simply can’t find it on their website. The little beads and the cool wash it gives your face is super refreshing. The Soaper Duper is a new find from Glossybox. It’s rich and cream Shea butter and the smell and silkiness feel lovely over your skin.


Now I’m not a huge fan of bodyshop as their products often bring me out in a rash. But this stuff feels great on my skin and I do feel it helps. I apply it to my arms and feet mainly(don’t ask my why but they’re the lucky areas of my body that get the treatment). It’s a dead skin remover and you work it into your skin in circular motions and the dead skin literally comes off just like that. It comes of in like mini balls of skin, it’s insane. And it leaves your skin feeling great.



I hope this guide to my skin products makes you consider yours.

Have an amazing day people.



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