Hi All,
It’s me again.
So I wanted to start proceedings with a little look back on my Mini Birthday Trip to Milan. For my 25
thBirthday. Which was in July last year. He likes to make me wait for everything.

So Jimbob organized for us to enjoy a long weekend in Milan over the May Bank Holiday. The trip was picked off my bucket list which can be found here on my blog. There are over 500 items so I’ll be here a long time trying to complete this bad boy. The particular item for this trip was ‘Eat Pizza in Italy’, which if you ask people who know us as a couple this was definitely a trip where Jimbobwasn’t going to be unhappy. He’s a right pizza face – well so am I. 

So we took the Friday off work and traveled to Manchester Airport. People tell me we live closer to Leeds-Bradford than Manchester but I am a creature of habit and I love Manchester Airport. I know where everything is and I have literally so many great memories. We used Meet and Greet terminal 3 which if you haven’t used it before I totally recommend, why anyone would want to get off a plane, no matter how long and then proceed to get on a bus to a frigging huge car park which is further a way than where you live is literally beyond me. The fact is it’s super close to the terminal and if you fly out of one terminal and fly into another they will move your car. Plus you never pay full price more than once because if you sign up/subscribe to their marketing emails they are always offering 15/20% off- sweet! Cant grumble there can you. 

Once we parked in bay 4 and dropped off the key at the mini reception we took the very short walk to the terminal building. Now I wont get in to it here, but click here for my travel pet hates- worth a read if you’re not a seasoned traveller and learn what not to do.
We booked fast pass tickets and sailed through security before heading to Costa for a cup of tea. Now I will not lie to you I hate T3 at Manchester its like a small bar where nobody is sure where to stand. Short history lesson here, but T3 was originally designed for BA (British Airways) I think they realized that although they are somewhat British and sleek, they are over priced and that people prefer a slightly cheaper option and it became Ryanair’s Terminal- so the terminal is filled with Hen and Stag do’s that just get in the way if truth be told. But, I digress. I purchased some Cards & Top Trumps from
W.H.Smithsbefore boarding.
Milan Bergamo Airport is roughly a 1 hour and 50 minute flight time and is located only 55 minutes away from the centre of Milan.
For a cheap price of 5 Euros per person there are several coach company’s that will take you to the central station located north of the center- 30 minute wall from the cathedral. 

We could’ve taken the metro-yellow line two stop for a cost of 2.50 Euros per person but with the warm sun beaming down we wanted to get our first look at Milan. It took us 20 minutes to walk to our hotel –
SenatoHotel Milano. It’s located only 10 minutes walk from the Cathedral and 5 minutes walk from the very fashionable Via Sant’Andrea.
We checked in to our room-104. Our room was simple and stylish, with a huge bed and marble bathroom I was very pleased. But for the icing on the cake was the Terrace that was just wonderful. I love to have outside space with my hotel room but I realise this isn’t always possible. It was a small shame there was no view as it was an internal facing terrace, but it was still a great space. By the time we arrived it was around 19:30 so we had a quick change and then walked the streets of the Italian City to find food. 


We came across what looked like this tiny roadside café, we sat outside and wanted to enjoy alfresco dining. The restaurant was quiet until around 21:30 for those interested but the quiet atmosphere didn’t affect our mood. We ordered drinks; Aperol Spritz for me and a beer for Jimbob. We chose meatballs and a meat and cheese platter to start. We were expecting them to be small, well we were very wrong. The meat platter was massive! It included artichokes which were great to try, and the meatballs were the best I have ever had. No joke. During dinner we moved inside as it started to drizzle, and found that the tiny café was move of a large restaurant with some beautiful features. We had another round of drinks with our pizza main, which to be honest weren’t the best pizzas we have ever had. Jimbob said his pizza needed sauce as it was a bit dry (Rocket, Parma Ham and Cheese Salad) and mine was too wet and was sloppy (Margarita). We left the restaurant to find it properly raining but the night was still warm. We took the 15 minute walk home and got a earlyishnight (around 11pm).

With a great night sleep under my belt we awoke and enjoyed the sunshine on the terrace before heading down to breakfast in the small café with a small courtyard garden. The breakfast was included in the price of our room and could have been enjoyed in our room at a small charge of 10 Euros each. We chose to enjoy it in the café to make sure we weren’t missing out and I am so pleased we did.
The café is so cute, laid out buffet style but everything is immaculate. A large selection of pastries, along with cereals and Scrambled egg and Bacon, perfect for a couple of days. (The waiter was the same both days made an effort to remember our drinks order; he got it wrong but the effort was both sweet and comforting). We ate and headed out into the world around 10:30am. 


We walked down towards to Cathedral to bask in the beauty and atmosphere of the cultural center. We walked around and enjoyed the amount of people taking both traditional photos along with what one might describe as Instagram photos. We took our walk to a small café for a beverage in the warm sun, I sipped coca cola while Jimbob had a beer- my beverage tasted even better thanks to the fact you don’t pay sugar tax in Italy because their government believe it’s the individuals right to decide what he or she might drink (I’m not bitter I swear). 
After we finished our drinks we took a short walk to the beautiful stores that house the worlds fashion. I love going into designer stores to enjoy the beautiful pieces, deciding if something is worth the price tag. Occasionally you know it totally is and enjoy the luxury of buying that all important piece, that piece you have saved up for or just thought ‘What the Hell’. We scouted round all the big brands but nothing was catching my eye and I knew I would be totally disappointed leaving a fashion capital with nothing but my memories. You see every Fashion Capital I have purchased something to remind me of the memories and to share a story how this piece came to be mine. We arrived in Prada, having been in every other store I had already expected to not see anything that would impress me enough to share my happiness smile (I have one smile that as of late does not come out that often, it’s my content smile that only the most amazing action, person or item can achieve). I turned to the right of the store to see the smaller size wicker bag in green with a pop art face on and the black version along side. I had been lusting after the Natural one ever since Claire Chouquette had purchase one for Wimbledon – but as far as I was aware it had sold out. I wandered round the store to see if anything jumped out at me; no, nothing. I took my last glance at the bag before a wonderful lady asked me ‘Can I help?’ My only response was ‘Do you have this in the cream?’ when the lady had finished conferring with her colleague the response was ‘yes we do, I’ll go pull it out’. 3 Long minutes later she returned and so did that smile! She was beautiful, everything, the perfect summer bag for a lifetime. I tried it on, enjoying myself in the moment. Now I don’t believe in the old ‘if you have to ask you cant afford’ because it’s your hard earn cash at the end of the day, you should be entitled to see if you are willing to part with it. The sales assistant confirmed the price, and then Jimbob whispered, ‘do you want it for your birthday?’ ‘Yes, Yes, YES’. I was beaming! My dream of buying a Prada bag in Milan in its home had come true and I had that man, that beautiful man to thank for it. The lady invited us to enjoy some water while she boxed my beauty up which has been given the name ‘Pea’ (we name all our bags in this household). He paid, and we left the shop both happy, for different reasons of course, but both very happy. We took a short 10 minute stroll, huge carrier bag in hand to an ever so cute café I had seen when we walked from the station . 


I was in my element, not only had my beautiful James taken me to an incredible place where the sun shone so amazingly amongst the picturesque streets but he had ticked off another Bucket List item and made me very happy at the same time. For those that are new to the blog, I am not all about the material possessions, I just have a thing for bags and I was overly humbled that he wanted to make me happy.  As I sat at the table the day got even better by a uber cute Labrador puppy chilling in the air-conditioned restaurant while his family dined above him. We both enjoyed a salad and water – healthy I know – and Jimbob had a Baileys coffee thing. Before you ask, I paid for lunch.

We had a leisurely stroll back to the hotel and when we arrived I enjoyed my bag before having an afternoon nap; I think the happiness had warn me out. Around 5pm we got dressed and headed out, back towards the Cathedral, which was 50% busier than earlier in the day, because I had seen an Aperol Terrace over looking the square and if there was anywhere I wanted to enjoy my Saturday Early Evening it was there.

On arrival we met a short queue and after 10 minutes we were at the front of the line being told it was a 13 euro entry fee which included 1 drink at the bar plus finger food which was circulating. A further drink would be 10 Euros. We thought it sounded reasonable as truth be told the majority of places we went to drinks were about 10 Euros. We paid, grabbed our drink tickets and headed for the bar and two Aperol Spritz’s. The bar had a great DJ set and the mood was very chilled with glam vibe and the view was incredible. We stayed for a few drinks and enjoyed the finger food; pizza, pasta, and mozzarella on a stick. 

We headed to a restaurant around 9pm and shared an amazing freshly made pizza and two beers. It came to around 30 euros off the top of my head. We finished and headed to the hotel for a night cap or two on our terrace and played the longest game of Minion Top Trumps ever.

The last day in Milan was a shame it was over far too quick but like all good things they come to an end. We packed up and had breakfast in the courtyard again. We settled our bill and headed for the metro to Grand Central Station. And for those of you who might use this form of transport, if you chose to travel by bus, when approaching the station the buses to Bergamo & Linate are on the right side of the building the buses to Malpensa are on the left. Just saves you walking round the entire building like we did. 

I hope you enjoyed my little diary of Milan, I had an incredible time, maybe it was the food, maybe it was the weather, maybe it because I felt like me again or maybe it was because of him.
Whatever the reason, Milan you have stolen my heart