Hi All,
I think you might be aware but me and Jimbob just celebrated a whole year at being married. Not going to lie, after 8 years together it was probably the hardest one to date. Not because I didn’t want to be married but from my point of view there was nothing left to plan. Nothing left to organise. For me, wedding blues were there for a good 5 months! 
But enough with the negetiveness let me tell you about a small anniversary surprise. 
We were away on our actual anniversary, we were in Centre Parcs don’t you know! 
So we also celebrate on the 16th September, where the magic happened. 
Jimbob had always wanted to celebrate our anniversary where we had our reception. Which is sweet and has that ‘walk down memory lane’ feel. 
So 1 week late or 2 days late depending on how you look at it(Our love Story began on the 14th September), I organised a surprise.
The details
In late June I asked my lovely friend Leaine(you remember the Mac & Cheese Recipe- that’s her) to see if her and Ste Ste her husband would not only join us but help me pull off a glorious surprise. 
After a small discussion between the two of us we decided on Macleods Resturant which is much more formal than the Huntsmans lodge, granted it doesn’t have the view but it does have plenty of cheese, for after!
Coniston were extremely accommodating for this affair which is awesome, don’t need negativeness here!
I contacted Etched Studios in June (late June just to be clear, Claire was super quick and helpful and made an incredible bespoke topper to place in the centre of an arrangement of flowers. 
All I needed to do now was wait, the plan was for Ste Ste to call Jimbob on the day to ask if we wanted to join them for dinner as their plans had fallen through. Our obvious response would be yes. To which I would suggest seeing if we could get a table at Coniston as its so close to our anniversary.
The famous Ste Ste
…the plan worked so well! Ever so pleased! James didn’t suspect a thing. To top it off I had booked in my hair that morning so it meant I felt that extra bit special with no roots on show!
When we arrived it was clear to see which was our table. And well, it looked incredible, along with the name place settings Etched Studios made too. It made the table feel really special. I ordered the vase and candle holders from Wedding Mall online and Keelham Farm Shop Florist did the beautiful arrangement…the only problem being everyone but Jimbob noticed, he was to busy reading the plate. But once he did he was pretty chuffed.
Now we’ve never eaten at Macleods Resturant before so it was nice for it to be old and new all at the same time!
The food was scummy, and the service was incredible. Thanks #teamconsiton another year another incredible night.


And to top it off Matthew Schofield who played during our drinks reception was playing aswell she just topped the night off.
Oh and for those who are interested my outfit;





Dress – Little Mistress | Bag – Chanel | Shoes – NEXT | Hair – by Kelly
P.S thanks to the MIL for making sure everything was where it needed to be.


It’s been a whole year of marriage, which to be honest has been pretty standard. Quite like the last 8 years we’ve spent together…there’s nothing different this year.
But marriage has given me something I never expected, I like calling him my husband.
I will give those getting married a few tips
• Expect to be a little lost
• Remember why you bothered
• Start planning for something
• Continue to date
All 4 are so important, for the first 2 months of marriage I was like a crazy cat lady. I had so much time and nothing to fill it with.
Occasionally, which I imagine will never stop cropping up, I asked was it all worth it. Then you’ll find something that will make you remember why.
Plan a party, plan a holiday. You’ve just had the biggest day of your life. Now what’s next. Your life isn’t over.
My favourite one. Dating is where it began, is shouldn’t stop. Once a month, put your war paint on and just have too many cocktails and laugh together!
Much love

Dedication to Him

I’m not perfect 
Neither are you 
But for all that you do 
I belong to you
The way you smile 
The way you laugh
The way you always know
Work brought us together 
But life has taught us it’s forever
I’ll never walk away not ever
The way speak
The way you always forget
The way your just as lazy 
I’m not perfect 
Neither are you 
But for all that you do 
I belong to you
Mrs Morts to Morts 



Wedding : Bridesmaid Gifts

Good morning All, 

I wanted to talk about bridesmaids gifts for a minute. Now I have read a lot of posts and forums about this topic and in all honesty I feel some brides get it a little wrong. And I’ll tell you why. So many are caught up creating this beautiful box of stuff as a gift for the 6 bridesmaids they don’t stop to think do they actually want this glass that says “bridesmaid” on the base, because they’ve been a bridemaid a few times before, has someone already done this?

One thing to spend money on is something for the day. I bought little tiny necklaces from etsy with a single lower case inital. It’s cute, it’s jewellery, it’s hopefully something they would want to wear again. And for while they’re getting ready, we bought big boyfriend shirts and I had them embroidered with a little monogram. 

So going back to my original comment, a survival pack is cute and fun and something they may get use of throughout the day, or even into the day after, but tat, cups, mugs etc will just sit on a shelf. I think if you are so set on getting your bridesmaid something to say thank you, go more personal. Yes it’s more difficult, but also more thoughtful. I did this too, mainly because they had been so kind as to join me on a girls holiday in Ibiza and one of them even made all 5 bridesmaids outfits. I didn’t think a small silver necklace really showed my appreciation for how much they had invested in the wedding, both physically and financially. And I think that’s another point to mention, if you have bridesmaids who aren’t earning the title what are they being thanked for? 
I believe when you sign up to being a bridesmaid for someone there are certain things you should do or at least attempt to do. I believe this because I know for whoever would ask me, I would want to give them the best run up to their wedding imaginable. So if your bridesmaids not pulling their weight, say something. Don’t go all ‘Maria Carey’ on them but sit down and state your feelings. 
Being a bridemaid is an honour. You are making a life time commitment to someone and you want people who will support your heart ache when your dress doesn’t fit on your third fitting. You want someone to hold your hand when things are going right. And more importantly you want someone to take you to the disabled toilet becuase you can’t find the toilet seat on your own.

A bridesmaid gift I my eyes should be personal to the two of you, for example my oldest friend Al (Alexandra) introduced me to straighteners but in the process of having my first straighten, her step mum burnt the top of my ear, it’s something I’ll never forget and always laugh about. So it seemed only fitting to buy her a pair of straighteners. It something that she may not of needed right then and there but something that might come in handy when her old pair gives up.

You could if your struggling just work out what they’d really want. Like my friend Zo (Zoe). She bloody loves Harry Potter, so I bought her two tickets to Harry Potter World. It was somewhere she really wanted to go. And it meant that she got something she really wanted.

I hope you haven’t found this post too preachy, but just a little bit of a nudge in a more personal direction.


Honeymoon Bliss

The Honeymoon was amazing!!

We booked this little piece of heaven on the 22nd February 2015. We wanted it booked and Kuoni made it happen and my travel agent Joanne….amazing!!! Can’t rate them highly enough. 
So we booked 10 night @ Constance Belle Mare Plage. In a Junior Suite. Fly with Emirates with a change @ Dubai!

I am no travel guide but I always want to help fellow jet setters. So here a little help that your travel provider won’t tell you. 

We arrived in September so this is a Mauritius winter month

-Only 1 of the 3 pools is heated
-The sea is cold
-The staff are all friendly and very helpful
-You will see roughly 4 hours of sun(Starting from around 10am)
-The turndown service is awesome. 
-There are plenty of movie channels 
-Part of the mini bar is included in the Crystal Package
-All Inclusive is a little confusing
-Blue Penny Resturant is chilling but gorgeous -take a sweater
-There are mosquitos 

My Wedding Part Five: His Day Too

My last and final post on the BEST day of my life.

I wanted to make it just as special for Jimbob , as the groom often gets forgotten and he’s happy to sit back and roll with it. 
Jimbob had been such a jem(ironic that’s his initials) so in the run upto the wedding I planned surprises that would all make his day! 

1.When he awoke in the hotel, I had asked Will his best man to give him a photograph. It was one I had taken prior in a homemade boudoir shoot. I simply wrote on the back ‘your last single girl’

2. Following that, I had wrapped a beautiful bottle of whiskey and asked the hotel to have it on the breakfast table for him. A simple tag ‘to Carm your Nerves’

3. I knew that J would have to return to the room before he left for the church so I asked if the hotel could again step in and deliver one small item. Jimbob loves Braeburn apples(not sure why) he had one everyday at lunch when we first got together. And when we looked for a ‘tree’ I would of loved an apple tree because they flower in the September. So when he returned back to his room. I had a baby apple tree waiting. The card read ‘Let this be the start of something fruitful’.

4. I had previously bought him some Calvin’s for the wedding well I went one better and got them embodiered with the date. The tag read, ‘so you never forget’.

At this point he thought that was my groom gifts. Boy was he wrong.

5. After we left to church we moved onto the reception; we had previously spoken about having a pionist, J loved the idea, but in an effort to save money he dropped the idea. Then I hired him behind his back. He was thrilled that as he walked in Matthew was there playing. The number 5 tag lay ontop of the piano. ‘To keep you entertained’

6. We were announced into the room and my Groom gift lie in wait. An envelope containing plane tickets and small itinerary of a couple of days in Dublin. At the bottom of the itinerary ‘Come away with me’.

7. After dinner coffee was served, with J favouite peanut butter cuts(mini ones). ‘Your favourite for my favourite’

8. Cutting of the cake, he was expecting traditional fruitcake, well I had that swapped it to his number one cake Red Velvet, he instantly knew well it is red!! ‘Surprise’

9. When the evening was in full swing I asked William to step up again. He gave him a cigar in a small box ‘Hubby & My my new little brother please enjoy’.

10. Partly to knock another of the bucket list and there never felt a more appropriate time. I asked the hotel to assist. And they covered the bed in rose petals. It really was the perfect way to end our day. 

It was so important for me that Jimbob had the best day, people say it’s all about the bride, he’s happy if your happy. That it’s probably true but a few surprise make him really feel special. 

I hope this wee list has made you think how you can make his day special


My Wedding Part Four: It’s All In The Detail

Hi All….

Part four is here!!! I wanted to share elements that were personal to me and my wedding! I hope it inspires you for your big day!

Bridesmaids Handmade Dresses

Please everyone needs to know where they are sitting..

 Napkins got there only special touch

Only the Best
I saw was inspired by Pintrest

Mini Canvas
You may remeber a small post on these last year, here they are again in full glory.

Gone but Not Forgotten 
I love my family, and I am still gutted that my beautiful nanna and amazingly talented grandad couldn’t be with us. 

Dessert Anyone
I adore candy carts but they are so over done. So I went for Cake !!
They didn’t last long untouched!

We made little confetti boxes for our first dance